Track & Field Checklist

Due by Friday 2/16

Please complete the checklist

These items are required by 2/16.  Uniform Distribution will be on Friday 2/16. Our first HOME Meet is Wednesday 2.21.  We can’t do it without you.

Verify your register my athlete status

Ensure that all of the checklists, information is complete. If a transfer athlete complete the AIA 550 Transfer Form

Pay your SUSD Athletic Fee $150.00

All Athletic Fees must be paid AFTER athlete has made the team (if your athlete has attended the first week of practice they are on the roster) and BEFORE the Equipment Manager will issue any school athletic equipment.

Join the Boosters $100.00

Please take a moment to join the boosters. We cannot do it without you. We look for 100% Participation in the Boosters <a href=" ">Click Here to Join</a>

Sign up to Volunteer

All families are expected to volunteer for 1 event. It takes between 20 - 30 volunteers to run a track meet. If we cannot get the volunteers we MAY be force to cancel these meets.

Sign up for Newletter

The boosters send out important information weekly regarding the Track and Field team.

Read the Athlete Contract

Take a moment to read the athlete contract. The last page should be signed and returned to coachs by Friday 2/15

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Any Questions for the Coaches email us

Nate Herbert

Eileen Dunigan

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