Last Day to Order Monday Jan 29th


Each athlete will be provided a uniform from Desert Mountain High School.  However we have found many athletes prefer to purchase their uniform.   We provide the option to purchase both the singlet, shorts and warm up.   In order to get in time for the season this must be purchased prior to January 29th.

If you purchased a uniform last year or during cross country it will be the same uniform.  No need to purchase the singlet separately.   There is a new options to purchase shorts and warm up

Track Singlet

We offer the option to buy singlets with the Track & Field Booster membership.   Many athlete prefer it and we keep the same uniform style for at least 4 years we are in year 2 of the 4 year cycle so this uniform top will be good until 2026 season.  Athletes with singlets from last year or cross country, these are still acceptable.


**We are no longer offering the option to purchase your uniform for the 2024 Season***

Track Shorts

We ask that each athlete wear solid black shorts with their singlet.  We will supply information on the type of shorts at the Parent/Athlete meeting.   This year we are offering the opportunity to purchase the shorts, as well as a warm up suit for the track team.  This way you do not have to search for the correct shorts etc.   Athletes with Nike Pros and BOAs from last year will still be accepted. 


**Team order for shorts for 2024 has ended.  Shorts will be provided with the uniform.  If your athlete would like to wear tights we were solid black tights.  See links below**